The median white family has 41 times more wealth than the median African-American family.

And things are getting worse, not better: The proportion of black families with zero or negative wealth rose by 8.5 percent to 37 percent between 1983 and 2016.


Our Programs

Black Connect is committed to advancing entrepreneurial ecosystems as a model for economic development. Our programs are designed for members who lack the resources, skills, exposure, and/or access to capital necessary to establish and/or grow a business. Black Connect’s signature programs and activities will progressively expand to become an entrepreneurial ecosystem for at-risk, under-served and underrepresented businesses in America.

Black Connect Chapters

Local chapters will be established across the United States. Membership will be open to business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and any adult who supports the mission of Black Connect. Local chapters will implement Black Connect’s national programs in their communities and serve as a resource and advocate for business owners. Join or start a chapter!

University Chapters

College-based chapters of Black Connect that create and manage a small business under the auspices of local chapters.


Our annual university business pitch competition that provides the winner with a monetary award to be used toward business expenses.

Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund provides grants to entrepreneurs and small business owners and work with banking and financial institutions to help individuals and business owners qualify for and secure loans and lines of credit. Priority is given to business in industries with no or low Black market share.


A program that matches entrepreneurs and small business owners with professionals needed to establish or grow their business in one or more areas and offsets the cost of services - i.e., sales, marketing, project management, logistics, legal, accounting, product design, printing, website development.


Classes and workshops offered online and in-person that impart knowledge and increase skill level in areas that are critical for business growth, and discuss topics of interest to Black Connect members.


OnBoard helps corporations assemble members of its board of directors and advisory board based on the corporation’s needs.

BC Roundup

A quarterly recruitment networking, sales and marketing event that enables Black Connect members to network, exchange leads and referrals, make business announcements, and display and sell products and services.

Road to Entrepreneurship

A one-day workshop held on HBCU campuses designed to educate college students on entrepreneurship and spark interest in business ownership. The event will provide valuable advice, insight, and inspiration from entrepreneurs and experts.

Black Connect Internship

Our internship provides college students with an introduction to the rewards and challenges of owning and operating a business and investing in one’s own ideas, talents, and skills. The pedagogical intent of the Black Connect Internship Program is to provide an experiential learning activity for students interested in business ownership, entrepreneurship and freelancing, or pursuing traditional jobs with large organizations that involve creating new products and services or initiating expansion of the business into new markets. Apply here.

Tuition Assistance

Black Connect will award scholarships to university chapter members who are majoring in entrepreneurship and members enrolled in skilled trade programs at post-secondary vocational schools.