Dedicated solely to leveling the economic playing field for Black Americans.

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The racial wealth gap in America is widening. It’s time for a new, holistic approach.

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What does Black Connect offer?

  • We’re a fresh-thinking organization, and we’re not afraid to bring challenging new perspectives to the table way beyond the traditional realm.

  • We empower our members with a diverse range of ideas, tools, and resources that support professional and economic development.

  • The support of a network of like-minded professionals dedicated to the cause with access to all members via Black Connect’s social media platform and mobile app.

  • We’re bringing Black solidarity back.

The indelible link between

economic rights and civil rights

Leaders such as Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey understood that economic independence, based on racial solidarity, was the foundation of the struggle for civil rights. When we give away our money, we give away our power. Without economic independence tied to the acquisition of political power, Black people in America and African people everywhere will continue to be the subjects of oppression and systemic racism. Thus, economic independence, achieved through business ownership, is the foundation of not only wealth building, but also civil rights for Black Americans.

Most white households (71 percent) report being able to get $3,000 from family or friends in a financial emergency, compared with less than half of Hispanic and black households (49 percent and 43 percent, respectively).
— Federal Reserve, Recent Trends, Sept. 2017