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Empowering generations of Black entrepreneurs.

It’s time we eliminate the racial wealth gap in America.

Black Connect is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the racial wealth gap facing African Americans. Take the pledge and help us build self-sustaining Black communities.


The impact of the racial wealth gap.

Examining the economic condition of Black people in America, and throughout the world, the one constant is that Black people do not control economic resources at the level they should.

Black people disproportionately depend on other races, primarily the European and Asian, for food, clothing, and shelter. Black families hold the "least wealth of the largest U.S. racial groups. More often than not, the European and Asian worlds are the producers, processors, distributors, and wholesalers. Black people are the consumers.

The importance of and need for Black business ownership in America cannot be overstated or over emphasized, and can only be accomplished through the development of a widely accessible entrepreneurial ecosystem.


A problem worth solving

During the early 1900’s in thriving Black communities, like Black Wall Street, the dollar circulated within the Black community for almost a year. Now, the dollar leaves the Black community within a matter of hours. Black Americans face systemic barriers to wealth building due to discrimination, poverty, the loss of solidarity, and a shortage of social connections (including role models and mentors in their communities). These factors have helped maintain a persistent - and widening - wealth gap.


Disparity in business ownership

In July 2017, the U.S. Census Bureau Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs reported that only 113,643 of the over 5 million participating businesses were Black owned. With a percentage rate of only 2%, spread across fifty states, it is often difficult for Black business owners and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, or compete.


An entrepreneurial ecosystem

The importance of and need for Black business ownership in America cannot be overstated or over emphasized, and can only be accomplished through the development of a widely accessible entrepreneurial ecosystem. An entrepreneurial ecosystem is indispensable to significantly increase Black business ownership and make entrepreneurship more widespread and profitable.


Our solution

Black Connect tears down silos with a national membership and chapter base; thereby fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems and increasing and unifying communication, awareness, and resources. Black Connect provides business-related educational programs, activities, events, and financial assistance to individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners within its target market.


Sources: Dr. Conrad Worrill, Professor Emeritus, Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies (CCICS); United States Census Bureau; The economic impact of closing the racial wealth gap, McKinsey & Company


The most comprehensive Black-owned business social network.


Download the Black Connect App and join the fastest growing Black-owned social media platform with members across the United States, Africa, Caribbean, and the United Kingdom!


The Black Connect App is a business community

Providing tools for business owners, consumers, professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to engage across all areas of the network to promote their business, sell their products and services, build partnership and more while connecting on a professional and personal level.


+ Build your team

Black Connect connects and supports established and aspiring entrepreneurs in all corners of the world. Black Connect helps strengthen the infrastructure and impact of small businesses by facilitating partnerships, jobs, and business opportunities that encourage business growth.

+ Join a forum

The Black Connect Business Development Forum provides members with a designated space to directly address the issues affecting their business endeavors. The forum allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to get answers and advice from peers, professionals, and experts in areas such as finance and accounting, sales and marketing, manufacturing and production, human resources and management, technology, insurance, and international commerce.

+ Sell and Showcase

The Black Connect Store, Business Directory, Freelancer, and BC Music provide avenues for members to promote and sell their products & services, music & podcasts, and create groups, events, blogs, and pages around specific interests or passions. Personalize your Black Connect experience to create brand awareness and connect with peers and consumers around the world.

+ Real talk

Black Connect members can voice unpopular opinions and speak freely and intelligently on thought-provoking issues that directly impact their lives without getting suspended, harassed, or banned from the network.

“The mission of Black Connect is to elevate existing Black-owned businesses and to encourage millennials and successive generations to pursue entrepreneurship. The network fills the void left by other social media platforms by connecting business owners, entrepreneurs, and consumers in a holistic way and allowing members to discuss topics related to people of color without fear of being harassed or banned from the network.”
— Marshawn K. Dickson, Co-Founder of Black Connect

An internship program
designed for tomorrow’s leaders.

Black Connect’s Internship Program is designed to equip college students with a useable, managerial understanding of small business marketing, operations and development.