Our Team

Angela Majette

Angela is the President and Co-founder of Black Connect. A business owner for almost 20 years, Angela is passionate about entrepreneurship and self determination. Angela has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the City University of New York at Lehman College. She completed post- baccalaureate studies at Mercy College. She is a member of Golden Key International Honour Society, and several professional organizations. amajette@blackconnect.com

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Marshawn Dickson

Marshawn is the co-founder of Black Connect. Marshawn is an entrepreneur and student a Morehouse College majoring in sociology and French. mkdickson@blackconnect.com

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L. Blake Harvey

Blake is the Executive Director of Black Connect. A native New Yorker, Blake is passionate about entrepreneurship and has committed himself to helping companies solve important problems in society. Blake has a diverse background in public relations and strategic marketing and founded NY-based communications firm Lawrence Blake Group in 2010. bharvey@blackconnect.com

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Cole Conway

Cole is the Director of Communications at Black Connect. A business and marketing strategist, Cole has experience managing diverse projects in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Cole has bachelor’s degrees in political science and philosophy from Arizona State University. chconway@blackconnect.com

Ivan Conard

Ivan is a Grant Manager at Black Connect. A sales and business development professional and a graduate of Morehouse College, Ivan is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Case Western Reserve University. iconard@blackconnect.com

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Olivia Harden

Olivia is currently an intern at Black Connect focusing on marketing. A graduate of Chapman University with a B.A. in English and journalism, Olivia has an ability to draw readers in with engaging and captivating narratives. oharden@blackconnect.com

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